Sunday th 2nd of July 2006 at ten to six in the evening
A s previously noted, I have ditched traditional local media files, in favour of utilising the premium streaming service which Digitally Imported provides.

Whilst I've been using the (sadly, no longer updated) Coolplayer application on Windows, I've been "stuck" with iTunes or VLC Media Player when using a Mac, whilst iTunes is leaps and bounds faster and more optimised on the OS X platform than it is on Win32, I still see it as being overkill to just sit there and handle a single .pls file.

Again, with VLC, which is an improvement over iTunes, and with the great added ability of being able to handle AAC+ streams, it's still not exactly on par with the uber-small and lightweight coolplayer.

So today I decided to pay a quick visit to MacUpdate to find a small player more suited to the purpose of handling streams (I listen to three or so different streams in the average day), and I came across FStream (Official Home page - Fr), a small app designed specifically to handle streams. I simply fed it the three URL's I use most, and hit play. Perfect.

It appears to be actively developed also, so hopefully any bugs (not that I've found any) will be stomped on, and new releases will continue to surface. I'd definitely recommend this application if you're after something to handle music streaming on Mac OS X.
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