Saturday th 20th of January 2007 at five past ten at night
A s much as I usually dislike this sort of service due to the 'social' labelling (Which makes me think of MySpace, which I despise so much), I've been giving Twitter a go.

The idea is simple, it's a status message which you share with friends, and then you can update said status from your browser, an IM client, or even your mobile phone, so people can check what you're doing at any time (Given you provide enough updates).
It's also possible to receive automatic updates should you want to abuse some of the software available which parses the site. Iconfactorys Twitterific being a decent example for OS X users.

Is there anyone else using the service? As it stands I have no one else added to my account and therefore can't really use the site to it's full advantage, if you're not a member, why not sign up and give it a go, you can then add me, as you'll note, I've not really had much to tell it so far, other than I'm playing Gears a lot... which again, if you'd like to join, simply Add me to Xbox Live, and we'll get a game going.
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I had signed up for this, but never actually posted any updates since I don't know anyone on it yet either. :P

I'll blog about it sometime soon and see if I can get some friends to jump in. Just added you as a friend, by the way.

So I see :)

Have added you too.
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