Saturday th 11th of November 2006 at around six in the evening
A s you may have noticed, there are adverts on this site above the latest post. Currently, these are supplied by Google's Adsense program, and to compliment them, offering a bit of variety, there's some by Text-Link-Ads.com.

I've not been a member of TLA for long, however they seem decent enough, offering customisable output for the adverts displayed on your site, and there's no click-through or impressions to deal with, just a pay-per-ad system.

Well it seems they've moved onto pay per posts, as today, in my inbox, a mail inviting me to join the site ReviewMe.com greeted me. The basic premise of the site is that you are offered products/sites to review, which you can either decline or accept, should you accept, you're then given 48-hours to write the post, and inform them as such, you're then paid for it.

Great stuff, however, it gets even better as you can be brutally honest, if you think something is awful, you can say so and still get paid for it. The only "Catch" - If it can even be called that - is that you have to mention you are being paid to write the post, which I am for this one, as a trial of the service.

So far the set-up has been really simple, and it seems submitting your reviews is an uber simple process too, the only thing I have my concerns with is that I'll be asked to review, should I only be offered rubbish, then it's not really worth my while, but I've not exactly had to put any effort in, so I've not lost anything, and of course, the ability to be honest, for me at least, is fantastic... you all know I like to be opinionated on things ;-]

So there you have it, my first paid post, it may be the first of many, it may be the last one, I'm sure I'll post again about the service whichever way it ends up.

Note: This post was a paid review.
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$40/review is a sweet deal! If I'm reading correctly.

Nevermind, reviews start at $40, but you get paid 50% of that. The more "popularity" your blog has the more you get paid.

Sweet, still not a bad deal.

Yup, I got $20 for this post. I hope there's some cool stuff to review, enough to pay for my hosting anyway :D
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